Bind and Unbind custom everyone events with everyone arguments method in everywhere (free style like JS)

Version 0.0.1 Description in github




repositories {
dependencies {
  compile ''

Init for use it

WindHotspot.init(); // Use it from onCreate Application or Activity only one

Register event


Call call = new Call() {
            public void run(Object... objectes) {
                if(objectes.length > 1) Log.d("OK Event", (String) objectes[0]); //String object follow with object u call event
WindHotspot.getInstance().bind("TestEvent", call);


class YourClass implements Call{
    public YourClass(){
      WindHotspot.getInstance().bind("TestEvent", this);

    public void run(Object... objectes) {
        Log.e("FUCK", (String) objectes[0]);

Unbind Event

WindHotspot.getInstance().unbind("TestEvent", call);

Tan Bui

Developer all platform